EverSmoke – The ecig with the cheapest refills

Seversmoke 1 EverSmoke   The ecig with the cheapest refillsaving money is very important, especially in todays hard economic times.  EverSmoke is a popular ecigarette choice for many, but something that surprised me while reviewing this great electronic cigarette was how cheap their reffils are.  Refils cost as low as $1.22 for one, whereas other competing brands start at 1.66 for a single refil.   EverSmoke is an electronic cigarette brand that puts a lot of effort into making their product feel and look like the real thing.


With their orange glow at the tip, as you puff it becomes brighter, no one from a distance will ever notice that you are smoking an electronic cigarette.  Well maybe, because it doesn’t give out any smoke and is not harmful to the enivornment.   Since there’s no 2nd hand smoke, EverSmoke can be used anywhere, even where they prohibit smoking like on airplanes or in court rooms.   An ideal alternative to the real deal,  electronic cigarettes like EverSmoke are not only the economical way to smoke, they are also a lot of fun and quite trendy.


EverSmoke puts great influence on the trend of electronic cigarettes with its stylish design, and real feel. The mouth piece was constructed from special silicone to give it a very nice feeling in your mouth, and the outer shell resembles the real cig you might be smoking or have smoked.  It comes with a USB charger, as well as a portable charger and 5 reffils in the basic kit.  However, they sell some awesome accessories like the portable charger that runs on batteries which resembles a real cigarette box.   You can slide the ecigarettes into the cigarette box, and they are charged on the go.  This is great because it looks as if you have a box of cigarettes but really you are just replenishing your supplies while not in use.

eversmoke logo2 EverSmoke   The ecig with the cheapest refillsFIND OUT WHAT PEOPLE HAD TO SAY ABOUT THIS ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE HERE

The price of the kit starts at only $59.99 for the basic one, which is highly recommended for people just looking to try it out. If you have experience smoking e-cigarettes then we recommend the premium kit that includes 2 electronic cigarettes and more.   Be sure to take advantage of the web special, as it will give you great discounts compared to the retail price you might find at stores.