Green Smoke – Review of the most popular e-cigarette in America

From the start, Green Smoke has done a great job of making its product stand out from other e-cigarettes.  Instead of relying on branding tactics like unusual styles or LED colors, they have instead focused on improving e-cig technology.  The result is that Green Smoke delivers the most puffs per cartridge of any e-cig and also has one of the longest lasting batteries.  The design of the Green Smoke e-cig is optimized to you get an authentic smoking experience but without all the harmful side effects!

2 1 Green Smoke   Review of the most popular e cigarette in America

There are a wide range of starter kits to choose from with Green Smoke e-cigs.  All of them include a USB e-cig, which makes this a great choice for office workers.  Most of the kits even include a short and a long battery too.




The Green Smoke E-Cig Design

As you’d expect from a leading e-cigarette, Green Smoke uses a 2-piece instead of a 3-piece design. That means it is even easier to use and you have less parts that you have to worry about misplacing or replacing.

In terms of style, Green Smoke has opted towards the traditional look of cigarettes.  You get a tan cartridge with a white battery.  The LED lights up red when you take a drag.  I personally get tired of answering all those questions about e-cigs every time I “light up.”  That is why the Green Smoke design is so nice: it looks just like a real cigarette so no one will be able to tell the difference unless they are really close up.

You have two choices of battery lengths with the Green Smoke e-cig.  With the short battery, the total e-cig length is 4 inches.  With the long battery, the total e-cig length is 4.6 inches.  This puts Green Smoke length exactly the same as a standard or long regular cigarette.  As expected though, the e-cig is going to be a lot heavier than a standard cigarette. Green Smoke will weigh 14 or 18 grams (short vs. long battery) compared to about 1.5 grams for a standard cigarette.  While this isn’t ideal, Green Smoke is still a lot lighter than most of the competitors.




The Battery

The battery is the most important part of an e-cigarette.  Green Smoke has done an incredible job innovating the design of their battery.  The vaporizer is included in the battery so you only have 2 parts instead of 3 for the e-cig.  They have also maximized their battery so you can get 300 puffs with the small and 400 puffs with the long!  The batteries take about 4 hours to completely recharge and will last for about 400 charges (or about a year for a regular smoker).


The Cartridges

2 2 Green Smoke   Review of the most popular e cigarette in AmericaGreen Smoke really excels when it comes to their cartridges.  Firstly, they have the longest lasting cartridges which give you upwards of 350 puffs each (more than 1.5 packs)!  You have a nice selection of flavors to choose from and, considering how long they last, the price is very low.  There are discounts for buying cartridges in bulk and standard shipping is free!




Pros and Cons

+ Longest lasting cartridges up to 350 puffs!
+ Very long lasting batteries
+ Short and long batteries
+ Traditional style; looks like a real cigarette
+ All starter kits come with USB e-cig
+ Free shipping
- Only one style
- Limited accessories