South Beach Smoke – One Great Electronic Cigarette

6 11 South Beach Smoke   One Great Electronic CigaretteSouth Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes were one of the leading e-cigs in the industry.  They fell behind some of the competitors for a few years but now it looks like they are back in business with lots of extra features, options, and cool accessories.  If you are looking for an authentic smoking experience, South Beach e-cigs will deliver – but without all the gross and hazardous side effects!




Your Options with South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigs

South Beach Smoke e-cigs gives you quite a few options.  First, you get to choose between their original “Premium” design or “Deluxe.”  The Premium design has 3 components, meaning that the vaporizer is separate.  With the Deluxe, you only have 2 components to worry about because the vaporizer is in the cartridge.  While the Deluxe is a bit more expensive (including the cartridge prices), it is worth going for it because you won’t have to worry about ever cleaning the vaporizer, losing it, or replacing it.


There are 5 different starter kits.  A Premium kit (the 3-part design) begins at $29.99 and gives you everything you need to start e-smoking.  But this only includes one battery, so we recommend springing for at least the Deluxe Starter Kit (which is the 2-part design).  It has a Standard battery plus an Extra-capacity battery as well as a wall charger and cartridges.


As for the batteries: you get two choices with the Deluxe South Beach e-cig.  The first is their “standard” battery which is very lightweight and creates a complete e-cig which is the length of a standard cigarette.  It lasts for up to 300 puffs.  For more serious smokers, the Extra-Capacity battery lasts for up to 600 puffs.  It is longer so will create a cigarette the length of a 100.   You will also be able to choose between automatic and manual batteries.  The auto battery will switch on when you take a drag and activate the vaporization process.  With the manual battery, you will have to push a button to activate the vaporization.  The benefit of this is that it will heat up the e-juice in advance so you get more vapor with less puffing.




South Beach Smoke E-Cig Extras

South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes now has a very cool new pack for holding your spare batteries and cartridges.  This isn’t just a carrying case though!  It also doubles as a charger for your batteries.  You just push the batteries into the case (up to two) and it will charge them.  The indicator lights on the side of the pack will tell you the charge status of your e-cig batteries.  You can recharge your e-cig batteries 4 times with the pack before you need to recharge the pack.6 2 South Beach Smoke   One Great Electronic Cigarette


Pros and Cons

+ Long lasting batteries

+ Lots of vapor even with automatic battery

+ Great price!

+ Carrying case which doubles as a charger!

- Only two color choices for battery

- Only orange LED